We offer a full range of shipping services and currently act on behalf of various liner and tramp Principals. The main areas of our shipping activities/services are as follows:

  • Agency – Liner, Container, RoRo, Tramp and Chartered Vessels.
  • Ship Broking/Chartering
  • Stevedoring services (Loading/Discharging)
  • Crew Repatriation (sign on/sign off)
  • Ship Chandling services
  • Bunkering Services
  • Door-to-Door Services
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Clearing & Forwarding

Ship Broking & Chartering:
Ship Broking and Chartering is one of the main areas of our activities. Our Ship broking/chartering department is widely known for its unique and prompt services. We always have suitable vessels for our client in any areas of the Globe. We do arrange the necessary cargo for tramp operators/owners or ship for charterers/suppliers both on voyage and time charter basis. The company has its network of overseas agents too to handle and deliver the shipments to consignees locally at the their door steps. All shipments irrespective of its sizes are handled efficiently with utmost care and dispatched in the shortest possible time.

Customs Clearance and Inland Transportation :
We offer a wide variety of services in the customs Clearance and Forwarding segment. Our main services this area are as follows :

  • Documentation
  • Inland Transportation and Logistics
  • Surveys on shipments including stuffing and de-stuffing at the port/custom warehouse.

Stevedoring Services :
We provide stevedoring services with our professional and licenced stevedores within the port. Our stevedores are equipped with all the modern discharging equipments and the discharge/loading is being carried out within the time-frame given to them. The modern discharge equipments include - our own mobile bagging machines and grabs to discharge mainly grain cargoes. We are specialised in the discharge of grain cargoes (wheat/soya/corn) at the ports of Hodeidah, Saleef and Aden.