Hodeidah Port
The port of Hodeidah consists of 8 berths to accommodate vessels up to a maximum   LOA of 200 mtrs. Berths 1 to 5 are the general cargo & bulk grain berths. Berths  6 and 7 are the container terminal berths. Berth No. 8 - is a general cargo berth. Night time navigation is permitted. The hire of shore cranes for general cargo vessels are compulsory. There are fresh water supply facilities alongside but no bunker facilities. Diesel oil bunkers can be arranged via trucks.

Saleef port
The port of Saleef is situated within Kamaran Bay 50 kms north of Hodeidah towards the Saudi Arabian border. There are no alongside bunker or fresh water facilities. The nearest town is Hodeidah which is 50 Km distant. Maximum permissible LOA 220 M


Mokha Port
The port of Mokha is situated to the south of Hodeidah. There are no alongside bunker or fresh water facilities at this port although fresh water and diesel oil can be arranged in limited supply via road tankers.

Day night time navigation is permissible. Full bunker and fresh water facilities are available. Repair facilities available through Aden Dry Docks.

Maallah Wharf
This is the general cargo port consisting of 4 berth each of 200 mtrs. Berths 1 and 2 are considered the container berths and Berths 3 and 4 are for the general cargo vessels .There is also a Ro Ro berth. In addition to the alongside facilities there are a number of mooring buoys for the handling of general cargo vessel in stream for discharge via barges.

Aden Container Terminal
This terminal was officially opened in 1999. The terminal currently consists of one berth of 700 mtrs .The terminal is equipped with 4 post Panamax gantry cranes and all the modern container handling facilities. The terminal has a total area of 35 hectares with a capacity to store 10000 containers.

Aden Refineries Terminal
The terminal consists of 4 tanker berths. Bunkers and fresh water are available alongside.

Mukkalla Port
Situated east of Aden up the coast towards the Omani border  and consists of two berths of 160 mtrs each . The port is very limited in handling equipment therefore all vessels calling at this port must be self contained with their own cranes/derricks.  

Ash Shihr Oil Terminal
This terminal is an exclusive crude oil terminal and situated approximately 230 nautical miles east of Aden .The terminal operates 24 hours and VLCC vessels calling regularly. There are no bunkers/fresh water.

Ras Isa Oil Terminal
This terminal consists of a 409,000 DWT Floating Storage and Offloading Vessel (FSO) "SAFER" which is permanently moored 4.8 nautical miles offshore Ras Isa. The terminal operates 24 hours throughout the year, weather permitting. There are no bunker/fresh water or provisioning facilities.